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    CompuNet's Mission

    CompuNet's mission is to be the technology solution provider of choice for businesses in the southeast region, specializing in the development of networking and internet business solutions. We realize that customer success is the path to our success. We put our customers first, with in-depth needs analysis and the development of workable, real-world solutions. CompuNet customers benefit from the blend of tried-and-true technologies with the new and emerging technologies, making it possible for businesses to interact on an unprecedented scale at an affordable cost. Our ultimate goal is to turn our knowledge into value for the benefit of our customers.

SonicWall "Demos on Demand"

SonicWall manufactures the industry leading security products including firewalls, email security and spam filtering appliances, SSL VPN remote access, data protection, backup and recovery, all supported by local certified security experts from CompuNet. Now you can view online demonstrations of their products just by clicking here!

SafetyNet Remote Network Management
CompuNet is the leader in Remote Network Management with its new product dubbed SafetyNet. All companies are familiar with the pain points associated with network downtime, security breaches, equipment failure and application malfunction. CompuNet's SafetyNet service delivers affordable, best in class security, stability and efficiency for IT environments on a 24X7 basis.

SafetyNet is a proactive approach to network management. We head off major problems by addressing potential points of failure before they have a negative impact on your business operations. Remote visibility of your network empowers us to identify and fix problems remotely in a fraction of the time for the usual "break/fix" approach. When a site visit is required, our field technicians are fully prepared to resolve issues faster than ever before.

The end result is a cost saving to our customers for IT support, increased productivity and a more efficient workplace. Every business can benefit. Call us today at 478-738-9849 for a personal demo.


    Identity Theft Prevention

    Every day you share personal information about yourself by writing a check at the grocery store, charging clothing in a department store, purchasing a book online or filling out a form at the doctor's office. Each transaction requires you to share some personal information: your driver's license number, credit card number or Social Security number. Although businesses and law enforcement are taking some key initiatives to combat identity theft, like it or not, the fact is that it is up to you to take reasonable steps to help protect your personal information...

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